See You at ABA TECHSHOW 2016?

aba techshow

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 30th annual ABA Techshow in Chicago. It’ll be my first time at the event, and I’m honored to have been asked to speak on two different panels. However, as much as I’m looking forward to those presentations, I’m really looking forward to everything the event has to offer, and I’m hoping to see you there. (more…)

10 Best Email Apps to Tame Your Runaway Inbox

email appsEmail is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous and universal. And thanks to Smartphones, it’s always with us. The universal “ever-presence” of email makes managing your email accounts not just important, but essential to maintaining even the most basic semblance of organization.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary. However, when I became disillusioned with the stock mail app on my iPhone, I decided to make my personal quest to find a better email app into a much greater adventure – figuring out what makes an email app good, great, or better… and then figuring out which app does it best, on iOS and Android.

Here are the 10 Best Email Apps for iOS and Android: (more…)

How to Archive Your Digital Files in a Paperless Law Firm


I’ve talked a lot recently about the necessity of backing up your law firm’s data. Losing your data due to computer malfunction, user error, hacking, or any other event can be truly damaging to your law firm and your reputation. However, the rise of the Paperless Law Firm actually creates a new dilemma that few lawyers appreciate: what to do with electronic documents in closed files.

What you need is a system of archiving your client files that allows them to be preserved for an extended period of time, and in a retrievable format. Here are _ steps to archiving… (more…)

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