How to Be a Productivity Ninja with the Better Touch Tool

better touch toolEfficiency is a critical aspect of your business. You try to find ways to do things better, faster, and with less expense, so as to provide better service to your clients. But that’s not the only benefit to being efficient. Probably one of the more overlooked beneficiaries of efficiency is your ability to focus.

Being efficient in what you do, especially the smaller-but-necessary tasks that occupy the periphery of your more important tasks, means you’re able to focus more attention on the primary task at hand. This focus receives its own exponential boost the longer you’re able to do it without distraction.

Since computers are our primary means of accomplishing most of the tasks we perform in the modern law firm, having tools that allow us quick access to our productivity software and services is essential. Maintaining focus on our tasks means that those access tools need to stay out of the way.

The Better Touch Tool, an amazing system that allows you to do pretty much anything with your computer’s touch pad, makes it considerably easier to deal with those necessary access tools without losing focus on the main task at hand. In this week’s episode of Tech Tips & Tricks, I’ll show you how: (more…)

How to Create Free eSignatures in Four Simple Steps

esignatureIf you have followed my blog in the past, you know how big an advocate I am for reducing the amount of paper law firms use. Some like to call it the “paperless” office, a title that I do like, but some feel that it just isn’t representative of reality. Law firms simply aren’t in a position to go “paperless.”

Regardless the terminology, there are several essential components to a successful paperless – or less paper – law firm. In my opinion, the lynchpin of your paperless strategy is electronic signatures. Without them, your firm will be doomed to a veritable no-man’s-land of printing anything out that needs to be signed.

So you need one, we agree. Now, how do you get one? (more…)

The Best VPN Technology to Secure Your Confidential Data

best vpnIn my post last week, I posed this question: Aside from your law firm’s office firewall and VPN system, do you need to have a personal VPN on your computers and mobile devices. Helpfully, I then told you YES!!

So, in the interest of being helpful, I’ve written this post on how to determine the best VPN technology for you, and I’ve gone ahead and included a review of some of the best VPN solutions on the market. So, without further ado: (more…)

How to Use Evernote to Make Business Cards Useful Again

business cardsWelcome to the first episode in my new video series Tech Tools & Tips, offering some simple technology solutions to life’s little inconveniences. Using video demonstrations of some of my favorite technology tools, I’m going to show you how easy it is to improve your practice through the technology you already own.

On today’s menu: business cards. (more…)

6 Simple Reasons You Need to Use a VPN


One of the most important things that we do as lawyers is to protect. We protect our clients from the harms of others, from the government, from competitors. We frequently protect our clients from themselves.

Unfortunately, based on recent surveys, we don’t usually consider our own actions to be much of a threat to our clients, or we’d be doing more to protect our clients from us. Well, we’re certainly not harboring ill intentions – that’s part of the problem.

We have an ethical duty to protect our clients, and more specifically, the confidential information that they entrust us with. What’s one thing you could do, today, to dramatically improve the protection you give to your client’s confidential information? Start using a VPN on your computer and mobile devices.

Immediately. (more…)

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