4 Reasons Lawyers Will Love Twitter’s Latest Update

twitterIn the event you don’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of Twitter. No, I wasn’t an “early adopter” of Twitter like I was with Facebook. In fact, my serious use of Twitter only really started after I started this blog around three years ago.

However, since then, Twitter (and more specifically, TweetDeck) is where I go immediately after I read my daily news from Feedly. Even better, I just keep a browser window open there, because so much great stuff is regularly coming from the people I follow on my lists.

While there are a great many people who don’t like Twitter, or are simply unwilling to take the time to learn it, one thing cannot be denied – it’s not exactly intuitive for the first-time user. The 140 character limit is really only the starting point in a collection of hidden, obtuse rules that limit your ability to share your thoughts even further. While power users have adapted, many of these barriers have prevented more casual users from getting the most out of the program.

Until now… (more…)

10 Innovative Ways to Destroy Your Lawsuit with PowerPoint

powerpointSometimes, you just can’t take it anymore. Your client has had WAY too much of a good thing – meaning your service as their lawyer. The case has gone superbly, and your client, whom you loathe, is about to reap the rewards of your work.

At least that’s what I’m left to assume as you conclude your closing argument. You had done splendidly up to that point, putting on all the evidence you needed to support your case. You even made your tyrant of a client (I’m assuming, remember) look amazing on the stand!

You stood up to give your closing argument – even ignoring the judge’s ridiculously calling it your “summation,” (I hate it when they call it that, too) – ready to rock. It was clear that you’d chosen this moment to detonate your client’s case. This was the moment you broke out that miraculous piece of hell-ware known as PowerPoint. (more…)

How to Be a Productivity Ninja with the Better Touch Tool

better touch toolEfficiency is a critical aspect of your business. You try to find ways to do things better, faster, and with less expense, so as to provide better service to your clients. But that’s not the only benefit to being efficient. Probably one of the more overlooked beneficiaries of efficiency is your ability to focus.

Being efficient in what you do, especially the smaller-but-necessary tasks that occupy the periphery of your more important tasks, means you’re able to focus more attention on the primary task at hand. This focus receives its own exponential boost the longer you’re able to do it without distraction.

Since computers are our primary means of accomplishing most of the tasks we perform in the modern law firm, having tools that allow us quick access to our productivity software and services is essential. Maintaining focus on our tasks means that those access tools need to stay out of the way.

The Better Touch Tool, an amazing system that allows you to do pretty much anything with your computer’s touch pad, makes it considerably easier to deal with those necessary access tools without losing focus on the main task at hand. In this week’s episode of Tech Tips & Tricks, I’ll show you how: (more…)

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