How to Create a Successful Law Firm Website: Getting Started

law firm websiteCreating a new website for your law firm, whether you’re opening up a new practice or updating a dated law firm, can be an immense task. I’d love to say that following this guide will allow you to put together a successful and profitable website in your spare time. It won’t.

However, in this series, I will walk you through the critical steps of putting together an effective website. Some of those steps inform you to go get help from someone else. Unless you’re a veteran computer programmer, a marketing expert, and a practicing, there’s a lot that’ll probably be over your head.

Don’t worry about it. In this four-part series, you’ll learn the basics of setting up a website that, as part of your overall marketing plan, will help convert visitors into clients, and give you a competitive advantage in your market. (more…)

Florida’s Social Media Ethics Opinion is Bad. Really Bad.

social media ethicsI really wish the state of Florida didn’t provide me so much material to write about. Hell, I’ve even written about this particular topic before, when Florida drafted a proposed opinion for the spoliation of social media.

I hoped that the Florida bar would come to its senses, with several people assuring me it would be fixed. However, I should have known better. Writers at the time were buying the BS coming from the Florida bar right from the start about how awesome this new opinion was.

It wasn’t awesome. It wasn’t even good. And unfortunately, they didn’t fix it. Florida’s New Social Media Ethics Opinion is Bad. Really Bad. (more…)

13 Mobile Apps to Help You Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend

mobile appThere’s just something about the time right around Independence Day. It just feels like vacation. That might have something to do with the fact that even the people staying in town begin leaving the office at around 2 pm in the days before. Just because.

So, in that spirit, I’ve decided not to advocate for a paperless law firm, promote the benefits of LinkedIn, or talk about how stupid the EU is for dismantling Net Neutrality (SO. FREAKING. STUPID.)

Nope, instead I thought maybe I could give you a hand as the weekend approaches. We’re all going to take some part of our digital lives with us, and maybe you’re looking for a way to improve that. With that in mind, here are the mobile apps I’ll be relying on this holiday weekend: (more…)

A Better Firm Website: 8 Critical Website Components

websiteYour website is how you’re found, it’s as simple as that. There are no attorneys anymore who are both looking to bring in new clients and in a position that they don’t need an effective website. Even if recommended by a close friend, family member or business associate, you’d be foolish to assume that anyone who walks into your office didn’t look you up first.

They did.

So what did they find? I’ve discussed a number of different content-based issues on this blog, but today I want to address something a little bit different. The reason for that is quite simple – no matter how beautiful or expensive your website is, it’s worthless if it doesn’t convert visitors into clients.

There are a lot of variables, for sure. However, without certain elements, you’re wasting important opportunities to grow your client base. Here are the 8 critical components of your law firm website: (more…)

6 Unparalleled LinkedIn Tools You Ignore Every Day

linkedin tools

LinkedIn is the social networking site for lawyers – despite Thompson Reuter’s best, and entirely useless, efforts. More attorneys are active on LinkedIn than on any other social network, and nearly 100% of law firms have a presence – no other social network comes close.

And unlike your local bar association, LinkedIn has plaintiff’s lawyers and insurance defense lawyers, white collar criminal defense attorneys and your local DA. And judges! (But be careful!) The opportunity to establish a powerful network is immense, if you know how to use the LinkedIn tools available.

Six incredibly powerful LinkedIn tools exist right under your nose. You’ve been ignoring them. It’s time to take a look at the Relationship Tab. (more…)

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