10 Innovative Project Management Tools for Lawyers

Earlier this week, I gave you several reasons why your law firm needs to implement a project management system. Presumably, you understood and agree that existing market pressures and client demands mean law firms need to streamline processes to be more efficient.... read more

6 Excellent Timekeeping Apps for Lawyers [Updated]

No one task is more essential for law firms, and yet more universally loathed among lawyers, than recording time. Writing down the value and effort that make up your legal advice, in six-minute increments, is an irritating experience shared by almost any lawyer in... read more

7 Most Effective Presentation Apps for Lawyers

The importance of making an effective presentations as an attorney extends far beyond the courtroom. Given the historic decline of jury trials, legitimately effective presentation apps for lawyers needs to have applications outside the courtroom. Arbitrations, motion... read more

7 Outstanding Contact Management Apps for Lawyers

Ever since I got my first smartphone, it was an iPhone 3, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the functionality of the devices. They keep getting faster, have better cameras, and have better screens. I used to remark with a chuckle that the only thing those... read more

6 Excellent Mind-Mapping Apps for Android & iOS

I’m a visual person. My office includes two large white boards that I constantly fill with my thoughts, take a quick photo to upload to Evernote, then wipe clean just so that I can fill it right up again. To me, it’s part of the brainstorming process... read more

The 7 Best Jury Selection Apps…

… aren’t all that good. As a civil litigator, I really enjoy selecting my jury. Apart from getting to know the jurors, jury selection sets the tone for the trial. But I hate those post-it notes! I was really hoping that a solid jury selection app could... read more
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