Law Firms in a BYOD World [Slideshow]

Last month I was privileged to be invited to speak about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in law firms at the 2014 Clio Cloud Conference (check out the live blog I made of Day 1 here).  My presentation, titled Law Firms in a BYOD World, discussed the reasons why... read more

What’s the Point of Voluntary Cyber Security?

A recent publication by the FDA regarding cyber security for medical devices got me wondering how ready law firms are for the true cyber security needs of the future.  The publication, official guidance to the medical device community, informs the manufacturers of... read more

Law Firms in a BYOD World

Due to the significant volume of sources that I relied upon in putting together my presentation at the 2014 Clio Cloud Conference, Law Firms in a BYOD World, I have elected to provide the primary and secondary sources here in my blog.  Below, you will find the... read more

Why Have We Given Up on Email?

Recently, I needed one of my clients (an insurance company) to provide me a copy of their standard policy so I could see some of the specific language as I performed my research. It was important, since the case law I’d already found said that the issue would... read more

7 Top Tactics Hackers Use to Steal Your Data!

Doing my daily research for this blog, I stumbled upon an interesting looking article by PC World about seven of the top tactics that hackers use to get data off of your computer. Many of us think about hackers as people aggressively attacking systems, like medieval... read more

More Security Problems for Dropbox?

Two hackers are reporting, in a paper they published at USENIX 2013 conference, that they have found more security problems for Dropbox. Using a code published along with their other findings, were even able to intercept SSL data from the Dropbox servers, completely... read more
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