10 Best Email Apps to Tame Your Runaway Inbox

Email is everywhere. It’s ubiquitous and universal. And thanks to Smartphones, it’s always with us. The universal “ever-presence” of email makes managing your email accounts not just important, but essential to maintaining even the most basic... read more

Best New Apps for Lawyers – February 2016

 Download this Episode: Download Audio So we’ve made it through February and into March. Hopefully yours came in like a lamb, and not like the angst-filled El Nino, raging drunk and coked out of his goard, that we’ve been hearing about! Anyway, this is ABA... read more

Phishing: When One Email Shuts Down Your Law Firm

It can happen. It almost happened to me yesterday. I opened up my email and saw one from a familiar sender, but with a strange subject line entry. The body of the email instructed me to remit payment based on instructions in the attached invoice, referring to the... read more

Best New Apps for Lawyers – January 2016

Download this Episode: Download Audio Well, what a crazy month January has been! Hopefully everyone made it through ok! This month wasn’t quite as much of a blockbuster month for apps, but there are still plenty of good ones to talk about. Here are my best new... read more

Your SEO Strategy is About to be Suddenly Obsolete

You’ve finally decided to get into the game and develop a serious, well-designed website for your law firm. It’s got everything your prospective clients need. But they need to find it first. Sure, many visitors will be looking for you specifically, but you... read more
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