In a topic that’s quite close to my heart after having recently finished an upgrade of my firm’s website, Google recently announced (well, two of their tech guys told a whole bunch of reporters, which is basically an announcement today, right?) that companies that... read more

Better for Lawyers: iPhone vs. Android

Well, I had to get to a product review sooner or later (in order to finally make my blog useful to someone other than myself), so here is my first: which mobile OS is better for lawyers, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS? Disclosure: I’m an Apple guy; I have the... read more

The “Competent” Lawyer

There has been no shortage of opinion in the blogosphere about recent amendments to the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Although several amendments impacting an attorney’s use of technology were made, the amendment getting the most... read more

Welcome to The Cyber Advocate!

“We have arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” – Carl Sagan

The legal profession has been turned upside down by new tools and technology, and lawyers are now being introduced to a concept foreign to them: those who do not adapt will not survive.

Welcome to The Cyber Advocate, your survival guide!


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