Tweets of Wrath: Unethical or Just Hilarious?

Just hilarious. Have you ever looked up the wrong company because their names were similar? Maybe made a mistake when you searched on Google and accidentally thought was something OTHER than a currency exchange. (Thanks, Business Insider!) It... read more

Mobile App Review: eSign by Landtech

Among the most powerful tech tools available to the mobile attorney is the electronic signature. All an attorney needs is their tablet and an internet connection, and documents that formerly needed to be printed and signed at the office can now be signed and sent... read more

A Better Firm Website: 3 Videos You Need to Have

Part V in a continuing series on improving your firm’s website Part I: 7 Tips to Improve Your Bio Page Part II: 5 Best Practices for your Practice Areas Part III: Video is a Game Changer Part IV: 4 Reasons You Should Blog Part V: 3 Videos You Need to Have Part... read more

7 Top Tactics Hackers Use to Steal Your Data!

Doing my daily research for this blog, I stumbled upon an interesting looking article by PC World about seven of the top tactics that hackers use to get data off of your computer. Many of us think about hackers as people aggressively attacking systems, like medieval... read more

Florida Bar on Ethics: “Get Off My Lawn!”

“… rotten kids.” Ok, so I’m paraphrasing, but I couldn’t actually get anyone to go on the record! Seriously, anyone who has paid any attention to the ethics rulings coming from the Florida Bar recently must either be scratching their... read more

Can a Law Firm Become a Social Media Rock Star?

Yesterday, I happened to come upon an article in Forbes by Christine Comaford titled “Become a Social Media Rock Star in Four Easy Steps.” Intrigued by the title, which was worded perfectly to catch the eyes of people like me, I read it. Essentially, the... read more
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