eDiscovery and Social Media: The Duty to Preserve

The rise of Social Media has created numerous questions and issues when it comes to our ethical responsibilities. Can we advise clients to modify their Facebook page to make sure there are no offensive posts should a juror decide to look them up during trial? How... read more

7 Outstanding Contact Management Apps for Lawyers

Ever since I got my first smartphone, it was an iPhone 3, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the functionality of the devices. They keep getting faster, have better cameras, and have better screens. I used to remark with a chuckle that the only thing those... read more

10 Apps That Do WAY More Than You Thought

Today I came across an article on Lifehacker.com – a great list of 10 Apps and Services That Are More Than Meets the Eye. I’ve always believed that part of my job here on this blog is to inform those who provide or perform legal services with information... read more

Allow Social Media in Every Courtroom… NOW!

“I watched the whole thing unfold on Twitter. The information came in faster, more clearly, and much more accurately than the reporting on the news.” – A friend discussing using Twitter to learn more about the Boston Bombing. With fewer and fewer... read more
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