5 Proven Tips for Better Social Media Marketing

Sunny San Diego. I’d quote Ron Burgundy, but that seems a little inappropriate. Last month, San Diego was host for Social Media Marketing World 2015 conference. Many of the world’s top social media marketers gathered to talk about the current and future... read more

4 High Tech Ways to Improve Your Depositions

Last week I had the (good?) fortune to attend two depositions spanning three days in a construction defect case. We represent a fairly peripheral sub-contractor, so despite exceeding 2o total hours, I didn’t get the opportunity to ask a single question. However,... read more

Best New Apps for Lawyers – March 2015

Well, the Madness of March has come and gone. I’m sure most of you, like me, had your brackets obliterated early on (much appreciated, Iowa State and Virginia), and only the random guy from Wisconsin in your office is even getting points for the championship... read more

A Better Firm Website: Mobile Friendly or Else!

Have you ever used your smartphone or tablet to look something up on the internet? Stupid question, right? Of course you have. Whether you’re looking up the menu of a restaurant your friend suggested, the hours of the local coffee shop, or whether there’s... read more

8 Simple Cyber Security Rules You Need to Know

Your firm is a target for hackers. That’s right. They want valuable data. You’ve got it. A lot of it. And it’s nicely organized and, usually, poorly protected. And just in case you weren’t paying attention, if they do get it, you’re... read more
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