How to Dominate Digital Marketing Like an Expert

Special Guest: Jason Marsh Download this Episode: Download Audio For many attorneys, digital marketing is less a driver of revenue than the perceived bane of their existence. They hate it. I can’t help but think that some of this hate comes from the traditional... read more

6 Unparalleled LinkedIn Tools You Ignore Every Day

LinkedIn is the social networking site for lawyers – despite Thompson Reuter’s best, and entirely useless, efforts. More attorneys are active on LinkedIn than on any other social network, and nearly 100% of law firms have a presence – no other social... read more

How to Create a Powerful Brand for Your Law Firm

Special Guest – Ben Stroinski Download this Episode: Download Audio A few weeks ago, the AMC show Mad Men came to an end. The final episode, set in November 1970, ended with a classic ad for Coca-Cola. (And everybody dies. Oh, spoiler alert!) That ad came 10... read more
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