How to Save Serious Money with a Paperless Law Firm

Special Guest: Justin Nifong Download this Episode: Download Audio Ah, the “Paperless Law Firm.” The unicorn of the professional world – a creature of myth, impossible to capture. Beautiful to behold, from afar… While many law firms seem to view becoming paperless as... read more

Why You Need Project Management in Your Law Firm

(Welcome to my 200th post on The Cyber Advocate!) “Everyone hates lawyers, except their own, of course.” It’s an interesting proposition – the idea that people universally hate lawyers. Oftentimes, I happen to believe, lawyers are hated as a... read more

Wearable Technology and Lawyers: A Love Story?

Special Guest: Nicole Black Download this Episode: Download Audio Do you remember how the world responded to Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPhone in 2007? Despite what now is mostly praise (even Android users have to admit that the first iPhone changed the way... read more

The Best Home Office for Your Law Practice

Special Guest: Alison Monahan   Download this Episode Download Audio Most attorneys today tend to think of the “work-life balance” exactly as most lawyers have always viewed it: “the balance of my time will involve work, and I might have time for a... read more
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