Review: PDF Software for Attorneys

The Wisconsin State Bar recently published an impressive comparison chart reviewing PDF Software for attorneys. Four packages, Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro 8, PDF Converter Enterprise 8, and pdfDOCS, were reviewed in great detail. The analysis looks at each software with... read more

Replace the Legal Pad!

There are few tools or devices that are uniform to nearly all types of law practice, yet also used almost exclusively by lawyers. Probably the single most important one of those tools is the Legal Pad. Seriously, other than lawyers, who else uses them regularly once... read more

Technology News Update (7/31/2013)

Here’s today’s Technology News Update, a look at a few of the news reports, previews, reviews and tech gossip stories that are making waves today, including news from the ABA, Verizon, Microsoft, and Bret Taylor (former executive at Google and Facebook).... read more
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