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6 Excellent Timekeeping Apps for Lawyers [Updated]

timekeeping apps for lawyersNo one task is more essential for law firms, and yet more universally loathed among lawyers, than recording time. Writing down the value and effort that make up your legal advice, in six-minute increments, is an irritating experience shared by almost any lawyer in private practice. One attorney I know equated recording time to clicking on the meter in a taxi cab. Another attorney proudly announced that, as part of a switch to being a government attorney, she would never have to record time again. Basically, it sucks.

Although alternative billing structures are out there, the bill-per-hour is still the most widely accepted way for an attorney to charge a client, especially when you include some of the hybrid models being used today. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that time is recorded accurately, and as soon after the task is completed as possible. Not the easiest of tasks while in the office. Much more difficult when you’re not.

Here are 6 Excellent Timekeeping Apps for Lawyers, whether you use iOS or Android, to help you accurately track your time while you’re on the go.

1) iTimeKeep by Bellefield Systems, LLC (iOS, Android)

unnamedI’ll admit right from the start that I’m a little biased on this one. iTimeKeep is the app I use most regularly, and it is my favorite of the timekeeping apps for lawyers. Offering two options for use, the free “stand-alone” time recording functions, or using the Bellefield Connect system to integrate with your firm’s billing or matter-management software, iTimeKeep works for anyone.

Record your time on the go, and either enter the information manually when you return to the office, or use the app’s seamless connection with many of the popular billing software packages currently on the market (including Amicus, Tabs3, ProLaw, Juris, PCLaw, Time Matters, Timeslips, and many more).

Record your time as you complete tasks, or activate the stopwatch. Or even add time via voice commands. Important? No. Entertaining? Absolutely.

UPDATE: Information stored in iTimeKeep is encrypted, with security measures that meet or exceed all applicable security standards under both HIPPA and the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Price: Free for standalone. With Bellefield Connect, variable.

2) Time Master + Billing by On-Core Software (iOS, Android)

289408_largerAmong the most popular timekeeping apps for lawyers, Time Master + Billing is an excellent app for tracking your time. With the ability to maintain multiple running timers, you no longer have to worry about double or triple (or worse) entries into your smartphone for the same project, just because a client in another matter happened to call. Categorize your clients – and even your time entries – by task and project, with sub-categories available.

Set multiple billing rates, even for the same client, and track your billing and expenses using powerful reporting tools that allow you to sort information by client, project, task, expenditure, and invoice status. One feature I’m particularly keen on is the ability to import your client information via CSV file. In-app purchases available for invoicing module and options to export your time to QuickBooks.

UPDATE: Time Master now has full Dropbox integration, as well as cross-platform synchronization.

Price: $9.99. Upgrade with the Invoicing Module for $9.99, the Synchronization Module for $6.99 or the Quickbooks Export Module for $5.99 via in-app purchase.

3) Bill4Time by Broadway Billing Systems (iOS, Android)

78067b3a5bc5c9ed724f85d0774db3d8The Mobile App component of a comprehensive billing and invoicing system, Bill4Time is a complete timekeeping system for small business. With the ability to track everything from time and expenses to client and project information, the invoicing and reporting functions of the Bill4Time software are unmatched on this list.

Unfortunately, Bill4Time is not a completely standalone app for recording time, meaning you will not gain much usefulness from the app without purchasing the billing software that goes along with it. However, if you’re willing to foot the price for the full package, you’ll find, like Morgan Smith of the Cogent Legal blog, that Bill4Time is “a fantastic program for billing, creating invoices, [and] tracking time spent.”

UPDATE: Bill4Time now includes a sortable and searchable list of ABA Legal Billing codes.

Price: Free download. Bill4Time software packages from $9.99, Bill4Time Legal software packages from $19.99.

4) Hours Tracker by cribasoft, LLC (iOS, Android)

timekeeping apps for lawyersNew to the list!

It’s undeniable that, in today’s legal market, the pure “billable hour” may not survive long, as alternative billing methods and hybrid models gain popularity. Adaptability is key, both for lawyers, and the tools we use. Hours Tracker is up to the task. With advanced features and customization options like location awareness and expected time reached alerts, Hours Tracker can meet your timekeeping needs for a wide variety of billing types.

Hours Tracker is designed for easy entry of your time, whether you utilize the “clock-in” style of timekeeping or record it after the fact. You can activate a timer, and once you “clock out,” Hours Tracker creates a brand new entry in your system. Want to make sure you’re capturing all of your billable time? Turn on the location awareness feature and automatically create a new time entry, with details to be added later, whenever you leave the office.

Price: Free download. Upgrade to Personal Edition for $4.99, or Pro Edition for $8.99 via in-app purchase.

5) Timewerks Pro by Sorth LLC (iOS)

mzl.kzyyswjp.175x175-75Timewerks Pro allows you to track your time and expenses across multiple client accounts. You can record time based on direct input of hours or built-in stopwatch. With the ability to customize different billable rates for different clients, Timewerks Pro offers a complete timekeeping system for attorneys.

Additional features include the ability to create invoices and work estimates, complete with your company’s logo, in either HTML or PDF format. Additional subscription options allow you to sync your time records via www.mytimewerks.com, and Timewerks Pro is even able to accept credit card payments via a separately available Credit Card Terminal. Among my favorite features (which, amazingly enough, is NOT universal) is that you are able to enter all of your time and data even when no network connection is available. All information is stored on your device.

UPDATE: The original version of this post listed the Timewerks app (now Timewerks Classic).

Price: $6.99. Add Timewerks Data Sync for $2.99 per month (or $24.99 annually) via in-app purchase. For those not interested in PDF invoices/estimates, data backup, or invoice logos, try out the more basic Timewerks app for $3.99 (or Timewerks Lite for free).

Gleeo Time Tracker by Gridvision Engineering GmbH (Android)

timekeeping apps for lawyersNew to the list!

A simple, but highly-rated and effective timekeeping app for lawyers for the Android OS. Time Tracker is designed for ease of use, optimized to take full advantage of touch screen devices. Assign specific labels to your cases, enter time, and switch between matters with a single tap of the screen. I don’t know about you, but it feels like the most ridiculous billing issues I have is remembering the 5 (I mean 6) minute phone call that came right in the middle of 2 hours of research… for a different matter. Quickly moving from one matter to another is especially easy on Time Tracker.

Easy editing of entries allows you to quickly correct any errors on entry, whether it’s an active or archived entry. However, where Time Tracker truly shines is the visualizations and reports available to track your time. Additionally, you can easily export the data in CSV format, making it easy to incorporate into most traditional billing systems.

Price: Free.

6) OfficeTime by OfficeTime Software (iOS)

office-timeWhile not the flashiest of the timekeeping apps on the list, OfficeTime offers all the basic tools necessary for attorneys who need to keep track of billable time and expenses on the go. With the ability to organize and categorize billing information by project, task, or client, as well as to-the-minute billing (for anyone tired of recording in 6-minute increments, I guess), all the basic tools you need are right here.

Probably the best feature about OfficeTime is… well, PCMag.com’s Jill Duffy really put it best: “And because it’s a one-time purchase with no subscription fees or add-on costs, OfficeTime for iPad is a bargain and a PCMag Editors’ Choice Product.” That’s not to say that OfficeTime doesn’t have additional capabilities. With the purchase of the OfficeTime desktop software ($47), you add the ability to sync your mobile time records with a full invoicing system.

UPDATE: Recent enhancements and updates have improved the “on-the-fly” reporting available in the app. Additionally, OfficeTime now has compatibility with various calendar systems, including iCal, which allows users to view billing and time-tracking information within their current calendar systems.

Price: $7.99 (or try OfficeTime Lite for free).

TimeClock Pro by Spotlight Six Software (Android)

unnamedTime Clock Pro is an excellent timekeeping app for lawyers, combining numerous features together into an intuitive, flexible system. With the ability to track time based on manually entered time, or based on a running time clock, this app provides excellent flexibility for different uses. Switch tasks using a single button, track expenses, record notes within each one of your billing entries, and produce reports based on your time (Dropbox and Google Drive Compatible).

The TimeClock Pro is an entirely self-sufficient, standalone app, but by signing up for a free TimeClock account, you gain access to numerous additional features, like instant data backups, the ability to view – and review – all of your entries on a laptop or desktop computer, and an optional invoice system.

UPDATE: TimeClock Pro now includes options for designating clients or projects as “flat fee,” allowing you to separate out clients who may not be paying by the hour, but for whom you would still like to evaluate performance based on time spent.

Price: $6.99. Add an invoice system for $5 per month.

Honorable Mention:

MyBilledTime for Attorneys by MobiliNation LLC (iOS) – $9.99.

FreshBooks by 2ndSite Inc. (iOS, Android) – $19.95-39.95 per month.

Time Recording Pro by DynamicG (Android) – $5.29.

Is there anything I missed? If you feel that there are timekeeping apps for lawyers that I should have included on this list, let me know!

** This is an updated version of an article that was originally posted on September 29, 2013 **

About the Author

bio 2Brian Focht is a civil litigation attorney and technology enthusiast. In addition to being the author of The Cyber Advocate, he is also the producer and host of the Legal Technology Review podcast, and co-founder of B&R Concepts, a small business technology consulting company.

  • http://www.mktlawoffice.com/ Mark K. Thompson

    I really like the app for my time/billing from Ebillity.com. Works well for me anyway.

  • CaseFox

    Also checkout CaseFox Timekeeping, Invoicing, Trust Accounting and Case Management app. CaseFox includes everything that you need to run a law office, CPA office or a consultancy.

  • Shenoi

    Another tool that you should take into consideration is time recording software from Replicon – http://www.replicon.com/olp/online-time-recording-software.aspx. It is a cloud-based application which is available for iphone and android. It integrates instantly with quickbooks.

    We can track our time, bill directly from within the iphone app. It would be best to integrate with a desktop component to measure time and activities spent on the computer as well. But it would be nice to have something that could bring all this data together into one place.

  • Arlen Mark

    Another tool I’d like to add is proofhub.com project management tool in this list as well. This tool helps a lot in time as well as project management. Give it a go

  • http://www.authoritax.com/ Authoritax

    Anything that saves time and makes my client’s lives easier is always worth it to me. It’s such a cool thing that we can buy these programs for so cheap!

  • Scott Denver

    Time tracking software and applications from Replicon could also be considered as the best tool to be considered there of for the better management and keeping of time and ultimately delivers the success at every possible cause.

  • http://www.resurs.lt Mindaugas Jocius

    If you like tracking time on your mobile device, try Mobile Worker (http://www.mworker.com). It’s a free one-click time tracker, which has project document sync with Dropbox/Google Drive, expense tracking, invoicing, and other regular functions. Available for Android only. If you’re looking for something light and simple-to-use, you might want to give it a try.

  • J Finn

    Great article with some great feedback. I have been on the hunt for a really powerful software for sometime now. I love FreshBooks and ITimeKeep, but I’m looking to lessen the firm load and eliminate the balancing act by finding one program that can do it all. I see some suggestions for me to look into and wanted to ask if anyone knew about the software PracticePanther or Abacus. Has anyone used them and do they have a preference. These are the main two programs my firm is pushing and I’m trying to gather all the useful feedback possible before I make my decision.

    Any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • H Ross

    I would like to add Saus (https://saus.us). A fairly new tool for time tracking, but it works best for me. It makes tracking easy and helps to prevent gaps in your logs, thanks to the clear week-overview.

  • John William

    I’d like to suggest one more tool i.e. Invociera. It’s an online solution with time tracking capability.
    Besides that it helps to bill and manage clients. You may Track the billable time so that your firm can invoice it and get paid for it.


  • J Finn

    I ended doing a free trial for CaseFox and PracticePanther. I ultimately chose PracticePanther because they had a fairly easy interface, so we didn’t have to waste a lot of time on training. CaseFox was a close second, but my partners didn’t care for the interface. Great suggestion still and thanks for the help.

  • Grant M.

    If you’re looking for a pure time tracking (not billing) solution, I just launched a new, free Excel template (www.timeforattorneys.com). My template also gives you time management/scheduling ability – plan for days off, set a yearly target of billables, and track your progress throughout the month and year.

  • http://www.moontechnolabs.com Jay M

    I’d like to suggest one more tool i.e moon invoice , its help to Create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, customers, vendors and payment receipts etc.free version is available with some limitation. try Moon invoice for iPhone/iPad App : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moon-invoice/id676016958?mt=8

    Please visit http://www.mooninvoice.com

  • Kevin Peter

    Billable time is the buzz word for these ever busy people. Basic time recorder with billing feature will work wonder. I rather tell them to have a phone battery backup unlike these apps have offine tracking capability :)

  • DiscusLubu

    I use one of the newer ones- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-tracker-pro-hours-tracking/id991672167?ls=1&mt=8. Works well for me, provides me daily summary, calendar view, easy entries and invoices. Also, it’s running a promotion and available at $0.99.

  • MilenaS

    You should also check Fanurio: http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com It’s a useful application, with a user-friendly interface.

  • http://www.one-400.com/ ONE400

    We like CaseManager – casemanager.mobi. The focus is more small law/solo side, it’s affordable and works well to keep organized.

  • Angelica

    hello, I was wondering if anyone had heard of either Needles or Practicepanther? I am a solo practitioner and I am looking for something easy to use and that I can access across multiple device. If anyone has tried these program feedback would be much appreciated since I have been thinking of trying them myself.

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  • Eric B.

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I have really liked the exgis app for blackberry. It easily coverts to an excel file where you can filter your general time by client and print out. I need hours more than billable hour rates. With blackberry’s lack of apps, was thinking of switching phones but wanted something similar any ideas. If you want something simple, will work well on phone, and easy to edit and work with excel.

  • http://cabreralawoffices.com/ petercabrera

    Police scanners used to be confined to standalone devices – something many who were simply studying criminal justice could not afford. These days, though, apps like Police Scanner are making the observation of law enforcement much more efficient. This app provides over 2,000 feeds in dozens of countries, allowing you to keep tabs on domestic altercations, robberies, high-speed chases and much more.

  • http://cabreralawoffices.com/ peter cabrera

    As I am planning to go for a new startup I am looking for a time keeping app.What you guys suggest which one is the best time tracker?

  • http://www.indiobailbonds.com/ Bonds John

    These apps making the law field more efficient. People always love time saving stuff.

  • Diana Frienly

    Has anybody heard about PracticePanther? I’ve seen great reviews all around. I’m thinking of taking advantage of their free for the rest of this year offer.

  • james Kelly

    i just want share that i’ve
    been using practicepanther for months now and its been a great help for me. it
    arrange and organize my files in the way that i can manage it easily. It is so
    professional. Easy-to-use. helps me to work easier and faster. a great help

  • james Kelly

    started using practicepanther few months ago and this is a great help for me.
    so i want to share this to you. i had my second thought at first, but when i
    stated to try this software, i was and still amused with this software. this is
    such a big help for my firm. this is so interesting and addictive to use. and
    take note!, this is completely free till the first month of the following year!
    and i am planning to use this software permanently!

  • Blake Collins

    I used mycase and I didn’t
    like it. I’ve been using Practicepanther for months now and . the most convenient
    software I tried so far..This software is accurate in time tracking and time
    management, helps me get jobs done easier and faster. I’ll keep you updated
    about this software.

  • Travis Witt

    I agree with you Blake, Practicepanther helped me a lot too. yes, its easy to use than Cosmolex or mycase which frustrates me even more. i”ve been planning to use this practice panther permanently too..

  • http://www.supzy.com Eli

    In my experience Supzy has been the most useful app like this.

    At the outset, I’ll provide a disclaimer that Supzy is a tool that I co-founded. But I did so because I was not able to find one like it, even though I searched long and hard. Supzy is a tool that is specifically useful for time-increment billing industries like legal, consulting, etc.

    It’s an app for the desktop, although there are web and mobile (Android) versions as well. The app is configured to pop-up a tiny window at your desired time-increment, right in the middle of the screen for entry of what you are currently doing, and hitting the “Enter” key makes the app disappear, flawlessly recording your data locally, privately, and in the cloud. This takes the human element out of the picture, because you don’t have to remember to record your time. After the first versions, users reported an increase of up to 30% in billable hours due to the capturing of billable increments that were later forgotten.

    There’s an added advantage of using groups features, unifying all the members of your group or staff to have all entries in one easy timeline.

    And of course, you can easily export the data into CSV format for use in whatever system you’d like. Tags and Categories are also included. As an added bonus, you can even publish your entries publicly if you’d like, or even push updates to twitter.

    Price: Free for standalone, Subscription-based for groups.

    I won’t provide a link here, but feel free to google for it and let me know what you think.

  • Claudio

    Congratulation, great article!
    I’d like to point out the new IOS app ADR MediationTool. This standalone software tool helps lawyers at the negotiation stage of the ADR mediation. It allows to take the maximum value off the table during the demand and offer dance. It is a very simple to use tool providing some basic computational functionalities as midpoint, net to client, bracket ranges, response ratio and trends intersection. In addition to these basic functionalities, which would already justify its cost ($9.99), it allows to forecast the opponent’s moves and predict the negotiation meeting point. Furthermore the negotiation session is tracked and and recorded as a PDF report. This tool works perfectly offline, because does not need to share data with external computational units. The protection of sensitive data is guaranteed. For more details please visit http://www.adrmediationtool.com.

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  • Jimmy Pattinson

    Mobile apps are not just for timekeeping. Legalclick.com is a new platform that can help attorney’s do business online. Lawyers list their services for a fixed fee and all transactions take place via the app.

  • https://www.timesolv.com TimeSolv

    We’d like to suggest TimeSolv (https://www.timesolv.com). Our comprehensive online billing, timekeeping and project management software also includes a free mobile app for iOS and Android to allow lawyers to enter time and expenses on the go.

  • MAS

    Good morning! Good advice on billable hours tracking apps! However, do you have an opinion about which of these (or others) works well for CLIENTS, that is, which one, if any, is useful for a client to keep track of his lawyer and keep him in check?
    Regards, Marcos

    • Accurate Legal Billing

      Hi Marcos,
      Assuming that you are still looking for a better platform for your law firm. I would recommend that you take a look at our latest and World’s First 100% billing guidelines palform http://www.accuratelegalbilling.com. I am sure you will find the features and its capability very helfull for your business. Not only you will be able to capture your daily activities on the go, your billing clerk will be able to submit invoices which 100% compliant, hence leading to your invoices being paid on time and your firm will experienec a better cash flow. Please take a look even if you are currently using another platform. Happy to answer any questions you migh have. Thanks

  • Kathleen

    In TimeMaster – or any of the billing software can you input a description of the work performed as well?

  • Tony Gonzalez

    Using consultant time tracking apps, it’s easy to monitor the profitability of the project and keep tracking of working hours of your employees.
    TMetric – user friendly time tracking app with a wide range of useful features and integrations that helps you to keep tracking of your working activity. TMetric has a web extension, a desktop client for Windows, Linux, MacOS and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Using TMetric you can get the detailed information about your working hours, get detailed time and money reports.
    You can invite colleagues into your TMetric account and to combined time reports for your firm. Track cases as projects, customize rates, and categorize time entries with tags.

  • https://accuratelegalbilling.com Accurate Legal Billing

    Accurate Legal Billing ( http://www.accuratelegalbilling.com ) is a cloud based platform that guarantees 100% compliance with clients SLA. We offer you a software where you can create invoices in any format, language or currency and process your invoice for automated review.

  • victor

    I would like to suggest CallPesa (https://callpesa.com) the only app that tracks billable calls and video conferencing in real-time reducing billable leakage

  • https://www.m2sys.com/clouddesk-remote-employee-monitoring-software Linda J. Brannon

    There is nothing like using employee monitoring tool to monitor remote employees, I have been using this software for a year now and the features that CloudDesk provide me to monitor my remote employee has been great beneficial for me, it give me time log of each of my employees, keeps record of web/app usage, take random screenshot of the computer device and also provide face id verification, overall the tool has helped me to keep my employees productive

  • Alyssa Clark

    I’d recommend to take a look at TMetric, it is a great solution for timekeeping and managing clients.