How to Draft the Right BYOD Policy for Your Law Firm

BYOD PolicyI’ve always been amazed by insurance companies in litigation. Despite the fact that a ruling in one particular case went badly for them, they usually won’t appeal it. Even if it’s clear that their insured is worse off as a result. Even when it’s obvious that the ruling was contrary to law. Even if there’s a near certainty of victory in a higher court.

They have a reason: it makes more sense to endure one (or more) bad ruling than to risk the bad ruling becoming a bad law.

Believe it or not, the same principle applies to your office’s security policies, especially any policy you have addressing “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). While I generally feel that any policy is better than no policy, the wrong policy can actually be quite destructive. It can decrease employee satisfaction, decrease productivity, increase costs, and even increase your security risks.

So it’s a no brainer. You need the right BYOD Policy for your law firm. What is the right BYOD Policy for your firm, you ask (even if you didn’t)? It’s probably different for your firm than the next. Here’s how to create the right BYOD policy for your law firm: (more…)

Net Neutrality: In Support of the 2015 Open Internet Order [Slideshow]

net neutrality

Yesterday, I participated in a debate sponsored by Johnson & Wales University and the Bastiat Society, a libertarian organization, regarding Net Neutrality. Specifically, I argued in support of the recently adopted 2015 Open Internet Order.

I don’t envy opponents of Net Neutrality. For the most part, opponents seem to be either direct supporters of the Internet Service Providers, or those who have a more general objection to government regulation.

My opponent, Brent Skorup of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, made a strong presentation aligned with the latter, indicating that he doesn’t trust the FCC to ensure protection of the internet.

As I said in the debate, I don’t envy those who have to argue against the rule. Wisely, the FCC kept the application narrow, and specifically countered some of the strongest arguments that those opposing reclassification of ISPs as common carriers generally make. The reason they’re strong arguments is that they’re good points.

Check out my presentation and information (including sources) from my presentation below: (more…)

5 Tools LinkedIn is Giving Away for Free


LinkedIn’s publishing platform has been an absolute gift to a lot of people in the B2B (Business-to-Business, for those, like me, who had no damn clue until a few weeks ago) world. If you’re on LinkedIn (we’ve been over this… if you’re a lawyer, you’re on LinkedIn!), you’ve seen the updates come through when one of your connections posts something new.

While I particularly enjoy my WordPress platform, there’s a lot to like about LinkedIn’s publishing system (as I’m learning – a version of this post will be my first LinkedIn article!). However, what really caught my eye this week was a recent update to their already impressive (but not yet Google Analytics-like) trackers.

A good analytics program will give you information about what happened in the past. A really good analytics program will thoroughly educate you about why those things happened in the past. But a truly great analytics program will tell you all those things, and give you the tools to be even better tomorrow.

Wow. Ok, motivational speaker mode OFF. Here are 5 Tools LinkedIn is Giving Away for Free:  (more…)

Will Your Vendors Cost You Your Law License?

vendorYou do everything you can to practice law ethically. You know the rules, you attend the local bar association CLEs, you even feel your moral obligation to do the right thing. But most of all, you know that if you do something stupid, it could cost you a lot:

Your reputation.

Your money.

Your livelihood.

Yet when you put your clients’ confidential information in the hands of third-party vendors, you’re taking a pretty huge gamble assuming that they feel the same way. (more…)

Best New Apps for Lawyers – April 2015

best new apps

I’m back!

For everyone who missed me over the past two weeks, I’ve completed a hellish move into temporary housing until my wife and I move into the house we purchased in mid-August. For everyone else, well, there were some nice apps released last month.

Here are my best new apps for lawyers released in April 2015: (more…)

A Better Firm Website: Keep Your Website Content Up-To-Date

website contentOn the day your website was created, it was beautiful to you. After spending a few thousand bucks, your firm officially had a real estate on the internet. Your attorney bio pages were filled with all of the self-promotional puffery your attorneys could think of – class ranks, Martindale rankings, awards from local bar associations.

It was beautiful. To you.

But it never really drove business to your law firm. You didn’t understand why, but it never really troubled you either. You could find your law firm website on Google whenever you typed in the full name, and that’s all you needed.

That was seven years ago. This is what your law firm website looks like to people today: (more…)

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