A Better Firm Website: Keep Your Website Content Up-To-Date

website contentOn the day your website was created, it was beautiful to you. After spending a few thousand bucks, your firm officially had a real estate on the internet. Your attorney bio pages were filled with all of the self-promotional puffery your attorneys could think of – class ranks, Martindale rankings, awards from local bar associations.

It was beautiful. To you.

But it never really drove business to your law firm. You didn’t understand why, but it never really troubled you either. You could find your law firm website on Google whenever you typed in the full name, and that’s all you needed.

That was seven years ago. This is what your law firm website looks like to people today: (more…)

5 Proven Tips for Better Social Media Marketing

social media marketingSunny San Diego. I’d quote Ron Burgundy, but that seems a little inappropriate.

Last month, San Diego was host for Social Media Marketing World 2015 conference. Many of the world’s top social media marketers gathered to talk about the current and future world of social media. (For anyone interested, they have put a lot of the presentations from the conference online. It’s worth a look.)

There were plenty of important takeaways for anyone who uses social media for any aspect of their business. For lawyers and law firms, an industry that hasn’t really jumped on board with social yet, there may have been more. Among the important aspects, the conference gives our profession the chance to innovate with strategies that have been tested by some of the best in the social media marketing industry.

So lawyers, here are 5 Proven Tips for Better Social Media Marketing: (more…)

LinkedIn Elevate: Because Your Employees are Cooler than You

linkedin elevateOne undeniable truth about social media is that, no matter how you measure success, the number of people you’re connected to will always be an important part. Why? Because, for the most part, your ability to be “social” is dependent to the number of people you are “networked” to. It makes a lot of sense.

Along those lines, it’s always helpful to remember that people prefer to connect to other people rather than to businesses. For example, LinkedIn estimates that the average user has ten times as many connections as companies have followers. So, if you’re a company with content you want shared, it makes sense to ask your employees to help get the word out. More connections = better distribution.

LinkedIn Elevate is the newest attempt to do just that.


Cyber Attack War Games: Where Are You Vulnerable?

war gamesIf there was a cyber attack on your business, would you know what to do? No, not would your IT guy know what to do. Would you know what to do?

That’s a question that Deloitte, one of the world’s top security companies, asked at a recent “cyber-incident war gaming” session held in New York, as reported by PC World. For seven years, Deloitte has invited business executives to their war games to help improve readiness for a cyber attack.

This year, they tried something a bit different: (more…)

4 High Tech Ways to Improve Your Depositions

depositionLast week I had the (good?) fortune to attend two depositions spanning three days in a construction defect case. We represent a fairly peripheral sub-contractor, so despite exceeding 2o total hours, I didn’t get the opportunity to ask a single question. However, we’re not so peripheral that I could completely space out.

Over the course of three days, which included the introduction of about 100 exhibits (I’m impressed at the plaintiff’s counsel’s restraint, except when you consider that many exhibits exceeded 250 pages each), I listened intently. Or as intently as possible.

Until the other part of my brain, the part that writes this blog, kicked in. I analyzed what I thought was an intelligent, if complicated, system put in place that uses Dropbox for sharing exhibits. But that was really it. No video, no digital exhibits, remote participants listening by phone. I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way than this.

These ideas, in and of themselves, are not new. Some are even widely implemented in some jurisdictions. But their use is certainly not widespread or universal. Here are 4 High Tech Ways  to Improve Your Depositions: (more…)

Best New Apps for Lawyers – March 2015

best new apps

Well, the Madness of March has come and gone. I’m sure most of you, like me, had your brackets obliterated early on (much appreciated, Iowa State and Virginia), and only the random guy from Wisconsin in your office is even getting points for the championship game. In addition, it was also another great month for apps. I had to leave off several pretty cool apps.

Here are my best new apps for lawyers released in March 2015: (more…)

4 New Facebook Tools Perfect for Unbundled Legal Services

legal servicesFor many attorneys, talking about unbundled legal services ranks right up with non-lawyer ownership as forbidden topics. Hell, if you’re one of the several state bar groups who has sued Legal Zoom, it may be even worse. However, there’s no way to talk about how technology can benefit lawyers without giving appropriate recognition to unbundling.

We see it everywhere. From eDiscovery to legal forms, it’s all around. As many have suggested, unbundled legal services are the future, and failure to adopt could result in being left behind. So you’ve decided to adopt. You created yourself a nice little forms library, and most of them sit unused on your infrequently visited website.

Your new products need a platform to be marketed. Fortunately, Facebook just released a bunch of new tools that seem tailor-made for marketing your unbundled legal services: (more…)

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